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Unbelievable, Unacceptable & Ungodly

Statement by Jayne Ozanne following the publication of the House of Bishops Report on Same Sex Relationships Jan 27th 

Premier Christiantiy blog - be warned, most comments following this blog are highly offensive & not for feint hearted!

Jayne's blog on the House of BIshops' Report Jan 2017

A Church for Everyone?  You Gov Poll reveals some challenging truths.

Jayne recently commissioned YouGov poll shows that less than half GB adults believe the Church of England is there for anyone, and less than a third belive it welcomes LGBT people.


Letter to BIshops from 141 Synod Members calls for LGBT affirmation

Following the end of the Shared Conversations Process, Jayne helped co-ordinate an open letter from a wide range of General Synod members to all members of the College of Bishops encouraging them to affirm the role of LGBT Christians in the church.  This received coverage by national media.

Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool

Senior Bishops Call for Change in C of E Attitudes towards Gay People

Harriet Sherwood interviews Rt Revd Paul Bayes as to why he decided to speak out and how he has been changed by listening to LGBT people

Journeys in Grace & Truth

Special Offer - just £7.99 + p&p from www.viamediapublications.com

Colin Fletcher, Bishop of Dorchester

Evangelical Bishops call for Church to Change on Gays

Ruth Gledhill interviews Paul Bayes and Rt Revd Colin Fletcher about the book - INCLUDES VIDEO 

Bob Hoskins - "It's Good To Talk" BT Campaign

Shared Confidences - It's Good to Talk!

My reflections on the Church of England's Shared Conversations process, which I too participated in, written for the CEN (April 1st 2016)



Brief Encounter - The Nation's Favourite Film

"What's New in...Faith & Sexuality?" 

Text of an extended sermon I gave at St Mary's, Warwick as part of their 2016 Lent Address season.



Matthew Taylor, BBC R4 Presenter

BBC Agree to Differ - Anglican Communion & Homosexuality 

Jayne takes on Canon Hassan John from Jos, Nigeria to discuss homosexuality and the Anglican Church (Aired April 13th 2016)


Same Sex Marriage Poll Confirms Anglicans in Favour

2016 Poll amongst Anglicans show more in favour of Same Sex Marriage than against - read Press Release and see graphs on how the results have changed over 3 years

Guardian Breaks Anglican Same Sex Marriage Poll News

Harriet Sherwood breaks the story of the 2016 YouGov Poll amongst Anglicans showing more are in favour of Same Sex Marriage than are against.

Archbishops' Response

On February 12th 2016 the Archbishop of York replied on behalf of the Archbishop of Canterbury and himself to the letter from 105 senior Anglicans

Open Letter Calling for Repentance

Read the text of the letter to the Archbishops signed by 105 Senior Anglicans ahead of the 2016 Primates Meeting



Media Coverage of Letter to Archbishops

View all the press, television and radio coverage of the letter (that I'm aware of!).  You can also choose to sign it publicly or privately.



Response to the Archbishop's apology

85 senior anglicans welcome Archbishop Justin's apology regarding the hurt and pain caused to LGBTI Christians, but warn that words without action will cause yet more pain and ++Sentamu responds



SheWired.com 2015 LGBT Woman of Year

Jayne is currently running 3rd in the global LGBT Woman of the year - do vote for her now if you can!



Jayne now has a new weekly blog www.viamedia.news which normally posts on a Sunday morning and will soon include Guest contributors.

Journey into Love

The greatest journey we will ever dare to make.  This is why the love of a partner is so sacred - it mirrors that of the Lover and the Beloved...

Jesus College, Oxford

Drawing the Line - Inn or Cottage?

Sermon from Jesus Collage Chapel on November 15th 2015 - first Sunday after the Paris attrocities.


Oxford Union

Oxford Union Speech on Marriage

Speech opposing Germain Greer on the motion "This House Believes that the State Shoiuld Not Recognise Marriage" - Nov 26th 2015.  Full transcript here


Church of England Newspaper

Resolutely Passionate - New Year CEN article

Latest article for the Church of ENgland Newspaper weekly section on Shared Conversations - January 8th 2016.



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