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Media Interviews

http://www.premierchristianradio.com/Shows/Saturday/Unbelievable/Episodes/Unbelievable-Does-Scripture-forbid-same-sex-relationships-Robert-Gagnon-vs-Jayne-Ozanne Robert Gagnon & Jayne Ozanne

Unbelievable, Premier Radio

Jayne Ozanne goes head to hear with Professor Robert Gagnon to debate whether scripture forbids same-sex relationships with Justin Brierley - Apr 5th 2015.



Andrea Williams & Jayne Ozanne

Channel 4 interview

Jayne Ozanne takes on Andrea Williams, Christian Concern, on Channel 4 News the day the Archbishop of Canterbury issued his apology to the LGBT community.


Shared Conversations

Ruth Gledhill, Christian Today, talks to Jayne Ozanne about the Shared Converstions process Feb 14 2015


Jane Garvey

BBC Woman's Hour

Jayne Ozanne is interviewed by Jane Garvey on the challenges of being a gay Christian (32:40).  February 14th 2015

Jayne Ozanne

ChristianToday Interview

Jayne Ozanne talks to Ruth Gledhill in an indepth interview about what made her decide to come out to the Church (Feb 2nd 2015)


BBC Radio York Sunday Programme

Jonathan Cowap interviews Jayne about the Archbishop of York's decision to remove Jeremy Timm's Permission to Officiate as a lay reader when he gets married (1hour 10 mins in)  August 2015.

Online magazine

Christian Post Interview

Samuel Smith interviews Jayne Ozanne and Susie Leafe, Director of Reform, about their understandings of same-sex relationships and the Bible (11/2/15)

Premier Christian Radio

Unbelievable, Premier Christian Radio

Jayne Ozanne joins Steve Chalke and Ed Shaw on Justin Brierley's show, Unbelievable, to discuss whether the Church is failing LGBT Christians? 28/2/15

Sunday Times Interview

Josh Glancy interviews Jayne Ozanne about her how she tried to "cure" her lesbianism as a leading evangelical.

Independent Article

Adam Lusher covers Jayne Ozanne's coming out story on Feb 2nd 2015.



"Coming Out" Interview

Ruth Gledhill interviews Jayne Ozanne about her decision to publicly take on the role of Director of Accepting Evangelicals.

Jayne Ozanne and Benny Hazlehurst

New Director for AE

Jayne Ozanne takes over from Benny Hazlehurst as the Director of Accepting Evangelicals, who stepped down in April after founding AE 10 years ago..



Washington DC, USA

Washington Post

Article by Trevor Grundy, RNS on February 3rd 2015 on Jayne's decision to come out.



On line; On twitter

Huffington Post

Article by Trevor Grundy, RNS for Huffington Post on February 3rd 2015.