A Welcoming Church? – 2016 YouGov Poll


Concerned that people did not believe the Church to be welcoming towards the LGBT community, Jayne raised funds to conduct another YouGov poll in October 2016.

The results, communicated in a press release, clearly showed that less than half of British adults believed that the Church of England was there for everyone, and less than a third of UK adults believing that UK churches were welcoming to the LGBT community.

These were summarised in a one-page handout.

The results received some media interest:

LGBT groups ‘miss church welcome’ – Church Times, October 28th 2016

Public don’t believe the Church offers a welcome to all in society – Church of England Newspaper, October 27th 2016

New Poll: Are Churches Welcoming Towards LGBT People? – Christian Today, October 27th 2016

Christianity seen as unwelcoming for LGBT people, poll confirms – Pink News, October 27th 2016

Are Churches Welcoming towards LGBT People? – Thinking Anglicans, October 27th 2016


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