In January 2016, Jayne raised the funds to conduct a YouGov Poll that sought to replicate a question that Prof Linda Woodhead, University of Lancaster, had asked about the nation’s attitude towards same-sex marriage three years earlier.  She was particularly keen to understand the attitude of those who self-identified as Anglicans.

The results, communicated in a press release, clearly showed that Church of England supporters of same-sex marriage outnumbered their opponents, and that 3 out of 4 younger Anglicans were also in favour.  Notably, the group least likely to approve were Anglican men over 55 – the group most likely to be in senior positions within the Church.

The results are summarised in a one-page hand out

There was naturally significant media interest in these results:

Church of England members back same-sex marriage – The Guardian, January 29th 2016

Anglicans ‘more likely to back gay marriage than oppose it’ – Telegraph, January 29th 2016

Support for same-sex marriage grows among CofE laity – Christian Today, January 29th 2016

More Anglicans now back gay marriage than oppose it, poll suggests – BBC News, January 30th 2016

More Anglicans support gay marriage than oppose it, poll claims – Independent, January 30th 2016

Gay Marriage Support From Christians In The Church Of England Is Now Outstripping Opposition, New Poll Reveals – Huffington Post, January 30th 2016

Church of England ‘out of touch’ with own members on equal marriage – Pink News, January 30th 2016

More Anglicans “back gay marriage than oppose it” – Metro, January 31st 2016

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