Letter to Evangelicals – Feb 2017

soul survivor

Since being voted back onto General Synod in November 2015, Jayne has worked to identify and link  other affirming evangelicals on synod.

Some, but by no means all, are members of the Evangelical Group on General Synod (EGGS) and have been working to ensure a more inclusive voice is heard.

In January 2017, Jayne organised an open “letter to evangelicals” with the help of Professor Robert Song, University of Durham and others.

It called for an honest admission about the high levels of homophobia within the evangelical community, the harm done by conversion therapy and the “desperate consequence for Christian mission of the Church’s teaching on sexuality.

The letter was sent on February 2nd 2017 from the affirming members of EGGS.  However, other affirming evangelicals on Synod also wanted to sign it and so it was made public for all evangelicals to sign.

Hackles rise during pre-Synod maneuvering – Church Times, February 17th 2017

Open letters fly as Synod is torn by human sexuality row – Church of England Newspaper, February 16th 2017

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