Parliamentary Questions regarding Homophobia

Jayne was concerned that someone should try and hold the Primates to account for their commitments made in January 2016 regarding the condemnation of homophobic violence and prejudice.  She approached the Rt Hon Ben Bradshaw MP for help, who kindly submitted the two following two questions to the Second Estates Commissioner, Dame Caroline Spelman MP on September 21st 2017:

Q:  What progress has been made in implementing the Anglican Primates statement of January 2016 in which they condemned homophobic prejudice and violence and reaffirmed their rejection of criminal sanctions against same-sex attracted people?

Q:  What action have the Primates taken to stop the imposition of criminal sanctions, including the death penalty, on LGBT people?

The responses took some time, and were not given until October 11th 2017 – a few days after the final communique of the 2017 Primates meeting had been made.

The responses were covered by Harry Farley in Christian Today on October 11th 2017.

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