Church of England and Sexual Harassment

Following the multitude of allegations of sexual misconduct regarding Harvey Weinstein and others in positions of power in Westminster, Jayne looked at how best to lift the lid on the issue of sexual harassment and abuse within the Church of England.

She started by commissioning a series of articles for her blog, ViaMedia.News and then worked with journalists to enable them to talk to the “anonymous contributors”.  She chose to go public with her own story of abuse, and wrote a letter to the Guardian calling for safeguarding to be seen by an body that is totally independent to the Church.  Christian Today then invited her to tell her own story, and address what would have enabled her to speak out sooner – and how the system to deal with this needs changing.

Jayne has written to the Archbishops, copying all diocesan bishops and the Chair of the Business Committee, asking that a report be commissioned and debated at the February 2018 General Synod.

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Media Coverage

Bishop attacks ‘sense of entitlement’ among rich and powerful – Guardian, December 8th 2017

Dean of St Paul’s calls for ‘compromised’ bishops to lose responsibility for safeguarding – Christian Today, December 5th 2017

Letter to Editor (scroll down) – Church Times, November 24th 2017

Assault and abuse are rife in the Church of England, women say – Church Times, November 11th 2017

I was raped by a CofE priest and I know the system’s broken – Christian Today, November 6th 2017

Archbishops urged to host debate on sexual harassment after rape claims against priest – Christian Today, November 6th 2017

Church of England urged to face up to sexual harassment in its own ranks – Christian Today, November 1st 2017

Church of England urged to tackle sexual abuse within its ranks – Guardian, November 1st 2017

Church of England must tackle sexual abuse and harassment in its own ranks (letter by Jayne Ozanne) – Guardian Letters, November 1st 2017

There are ‘Harvey Weinsteins’ among Church of England clergy – abuse victim – Christian Today, October 24th 2017

Radio & TV News

Full length interview with Paul Coia – BBC Radio Berkshire, November 19th 2017 (listen at 2hrs 4mins)

Guernsey Christian speaks out about abuse within the Church – ITV Channel News, November 2nd 2017

BBC Radio Guernsey, November 2nd 2017 (listen from the start – main interview at 1710)

Interview with ‘Helen’ and Panel Discussion – Sunday, BBC Radio 4, October 29th 2017 (listen at 17mins)

Via Media Articles

Power, Abuse and the Sense of Entitlement – the Rt Revd David Walker, Bishop of Manchester

“Cassock Chasers” and Compromised Clergy – Very Revd Dr David Ison, Dean of St Paul’s

Let’s Talk About….(oh no…Let’s Not!) – Revd Canon Rosie Harper

A Zero Tolerance Approach to the Weinsteins in the Church? – by an anonymous Church of England clergywoman

It Can Happen to Guys Too! – by an anonymous gay Church of England clergyman

Post Hollywood – Brave New World? – the Revd Charlotte Bannister-Parker

My Confusion about Claims of Sexual Harassment – Revd Canon Simon Butler, Prolocutor of Province of Canterbury

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