The following weekly reflections based were written by Jayne Ozanne for the Church of England Newspaper during December 1st 2019 – August 1st 2020. They were based on the Church of England’s collect for each week.

1. Advent

First Sunday of Advent

Second Sunday of Advent

Third Sunday of Advent

Fourth Sunday of Advent

2. Christmas

Second Sunday of Christmas

3. Epiphany

First Sunday of Epiphany

Second Sunday of Epiphany

Third Sunday of Epiphany

Fourth Sunday of Epiphany

4. Before Lent

Third Sunday before Lent

Second Sunday before Lent

Sunday Next before Lent

5. Lent

First Sunday of Lent

Second Sunday of Lent

Third Sunday of Lent

Mothering Sunday

Fifth Sunday of Lent

Palm Sunday

6. Easter

Easter Sunday

Second Sunday after Easter

Third Sunday after Easter

Fourth Sunday after Easter

Fifth Sunday after Easter

Sixth Sunday after Easter

Seventh Sunday after Easter

7. Ordinary Time

First Sunday after Trinity

Second Sunday after Trinity

Third Sunday after Trinity

Fourth Sunday after Trinity

Fifth Sunday after Trinity

Sixth Sunday after Trinity

Seventh Sunday after Trinity

Eighth Sunday after Trinity

Ninth Sunday after Trinity