Just Love Media Coverage

“Just Love” REVIEWS

Undivided and Just Love: two books on self-acceptance – The Church Times, August 17th 2018

Vicky Beeching and Jayne Ozanne reveal the pain and price of coming out – by Times Critic, Ysenda Maxtone Graham writing for The Tablet, July 11th 2018

“Just Love” National Launch

BBC R4 Woman’s Hour – Jayne talks with Jane Garvey about what it was like to come out as gay and her book, Just Love, and how many women suffer in silence about their sexuality which can cause depression and harm. (June 15th, 2018 – listen at 25:30 mins)

“Crossing the Road” – BBC R4 Sunday Programme feature on Jayne and her personal journey as part of launch of Just Love, June 10th 2018 (listen 10mins 14 sec)

Gay Christians ‘being forced out’ by evangelical churches – Sunday Times, June 10th 2018

Dean of St Paul’s enters debate on Lichfield’s ‘inclusion’ letter – Church Times, June 10th 2018

Gay Christians complain they’re being made to leave their evangelical churches – June 10th 2018, Pink News

Evangelicals being ‘forced out’ of Church of England for being gay – June 10th 2018, Premier (TRIGGER WARNING)

Blossomed (Unashamedly Gay, Unashamedly Christian) – Jayne Ozanne – Fyne Times

Channel Islands

Matthew Price Sunday Morning – BBC Radio Guernsey/Jersey, June 10th 2018 (listen at 2hrs 6mins)


Paul Coia Sunday Morning – BBC Radio Berkshire, June 3rd 2018 (listen at 2hrs 5mins)

Paul Jenner Sunday Morning – BBC Radio Oxfordshire, June 3rd 2018 (listen at 1hr 26mins)

Christian LGBT activist Jayne Ozanne to talk in Oxford about book – Oxford Mail, June 2nd 2018



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