Jayne Ozanne: I am not seeking to ban the Lord’s Prayer – Christian Today, June 28th 2021

Jayne Ozanne: Why I chose to put myself through the abuse of conversion therapy – The Independent, June 27th 2021

LGBTQ+ activists protest conversion therapy at Cabinet Office & Government Equalities Office – The Gay Times, June 24th 2021

C of E bishop backs prosecution of those who defy ‘gay conversion’ ban – The Guardian, June 9th 2021

Church of Ireland traditionalists ‘disturbed’ by LGBTI+ event – Belfast News, June 4th 2021

Government doesn’t get it, says LGBT adviser who quit ( – The Telegraph, May 19th 2021

Jayne Ozanne: “The government’s consultation on conversion therapy is yet another delay” – Gay Times, May 17th 2021

LGBT+ youths twice as likely to contemplate suicide, survey finds – The Guardian, May 17th 2021

Woman ordered to ‘cough up demons’ during twisted gay conversion therapy session – The Mirror, May 15th 2021

LGBT activists complain over public consultation on conversion therapy – Christian Institute, May 13th 2021

LGBT+ campaigner Jayne Ozanne on surviving conversion therapy – ITV News, May 13th 2021

LGBT Activists Call for Ban on ‘Hate Prayer’ for Gay Conversion – Breitbart, May 13th 2021

Conversion therapy survivor details Christian ‘exorcism’ – Pink News, May 12th 2021

Conversion therapy ban: Campaigners dismayed over delay – BBC News, May 11th 2021

Four victims of gay conversion therapy bravely tell of their experiences – Daily Mail, May 11th 2021

Conversion therapy: Government commits to introducing legislation to ban ‘abhorrent’ practice – Sky News, May 11th 2021

LGBT+ campaigners fear more delay to UK conversion therapy ban – The Guardian, May 11th 2021

Queen’s Speech: Government accused of creating ‘highly dangerous loophole’ in plans for conversion therapy ban – The Independent, May 11th 2021

Anger as ban on LGBT conversion therapy is mired in ‘loophole’ and fresh delay – The Mirror, May 11th 2021

What is LGBT+ conversion therapy and why is it so controversial? – Thomas Reuters, May 11th 2021

Exclusive: Government to ban conversion therapy in Queen’s Speech – ITV News, May 10th 2021

Campaigners demand no loophole for religious groups in conversion therapy ban – The Independent, May 10th 2021


CI threatens legal challenge over ban on ‘wrong kind of prayer’ – Christian Institute, May 5th 2021

Cost of changing legal gender slashed to £5 from today – Metro News, May 4th 2021

Al Mohler’s curious defense of conversion therapy – Baptist News Global, May 3rd 2021

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19 incredible lesbians who’re loud, proud and making the world a better place – Yahoo, April 27th 2021

UK government disbands LGBT advisory panel after members quit in protest – Metro News, April 26th 2021

Jayne Ozanne: “When religious practice is causing harm it must be banned” – Gay Times, April 26th 2021

Boris Johnson urged to halt ‘barbaric’ gay conversion therapy after Stormont backs ban – The Independent, April 21st 2021

UN urges government to ban ‘chilling’ conversion therapy | ITV News – ITV News, April 15th 2021

Former LGBTQ+ advisor “saddened” by disbandment of government panel – G Scene, April 15th 2021

Boris Johnson accused of creating ‘loophole’ in proposed conversion therapy ban – The Independent, April 14th 2021

Liz Truss disbands LGBT panel following three resignations – The New European, April 14th 2021

Government’s LGBT advisory panel disbanded – BBC News, April 14th 2021

Government sending ‘worrying signal’ by axing LGBT Advisory Panel – Pink News, April 14th 2021

Conversion therapy ban won’t cover churches, says Boris Johnson – Pink News, April 13th 2021

Conversion therapy ban ‘would criminalise Christian parents stopping children seeking transgender treatment’ – Telegraph, April 10th 2021

Gender Recognition Certificate’s £5 price cut is ‘a fig leaf’ covering up much-needed reform, experts warn – I News, April 8th 2021


LGBT Christians should ‘feel no shame’ about quitting Church of England – Pink News, March 31st 2021

‘Attempting to change how I felt only made me hide it’: How conversion therapy impacts trans people – The I News, March  31st 2021

Conversion therapy study reveals mental health toll on trans survivors – Pink News, March 31st 2021

New research: gender diverse people severely harmed by conversion therapy – Stonewall, March 30th 2021

LGBT people should leave Church of England ‘for their own safety’ – The Telegraph, March 30th 2021

Jayne Ozanne: Gay conversion therapy has still not been banned in the UK – The Prisma, March 29th 2021

Transgender people will be protected under plans to ban conversion therapy, Truss says – The Independent, March 25th 2021

Evangelical Alliance defends letter on conversion therapy ban – Christian Today, March 17th 2021


Exclusive: ​Government creating ‘hostile environment’ for LGBT+ people says adviser as she quits over conversion therapy – ITV News – March 11th 2021

Equalities minister Kemi Badenoch urged to quit over LGBT+ stance – BBC News, March 11th 2021

Jayne Ozanne: Former government equality adviser accuses ministers of ‘dragging their feet’ on ‘conversion’ therapies ban – Sky News, March 11th 2021

Three LGBT advisers quit over ‘hostile environment’ concerns – The Times, March 11th 2021

Two UK government LGBT advisers quit with rebuke of ‘ignorant’ ministers – Guardian, March 11th 2021

‘Appalling’ speech by equalities minister was final straw, says LGBT+ adviser who quit government – The Independent – March 11th 2021

‘That’s what my Christian faith compels me to do’: LGBT+ campaigner quits Government panel over conversion therapy ban delay – Premier Christian News, March 11th 2021

UK minister urged to consider resigning over LGBT+ conversion therapy row – Reuters, March 11th 2021

UK’s leading equality advisor resigns in protest of government’s “hostile” treatment of LGBTQ+ community – Gay Times, March 11th 2021

LGBT advisers quit over ‘hostile environment created by Tory ministers’ – Metro News, March 11th 2021

Jayne Ozanne: Government equality adviser quits over ‘hostile environment’ for LGBT people – Sky News, March 10th 2021

Equality adviser quits accusing ministers of creating ‘hostile environment’ for LGBT people – The Independent, March 10th 2021

Jayne Ozanne: LGBT adviser quits government citing ‘hostile environment’ – Pink News, March 10th 2021

Government LGBT adviser quits over failure to outlaw ‘conversion therapy’ – Telegraph, March 10th 2021

Boris Johnson’s equalities advisor Jayne Ozanne quits over ‘hostile LGBT environment’ – The Herald Scotland, March 10th 2021

Church conversion therapy debate reignited as campaigners pressure Government for a ban – Premier Christian News, March 4th 2021

New coalition seeks greater ‘inclusive’ clout in Church of England dioceses – Church Times, 20th February 2021


Interfaith declaration seeks forgiveness for harm caused to LGBT people – Church Times, December 16th 2020

UK government hosts launch of Global Interfaith Commission on LGBT+ Lives – Thinking Anglicans, December 16th 2020

Bishop threatens to quit Church of England over relaxing of teachings on LGBT+ relationships – Telegraph, November 24th 2020

Bishop says C of E change of stance on sexuality would spark exodus – Guardian, November 23rd 2020

Gay Christian campaigner calls for public inquiry into evangelical teaching on sexuality – Christian Today, November 23rd 2020

The Church of England is ‘deaf to the cries’ of the LGBT+ people it is harming. Its recent actions have proven that – Pink News, November 13th 2020

Church of England says it will rule on same-sex marriage in 2022 – Gay Times, November 11th 2020

Church of England delays decision on same-sex marriage and LGBT+ rights until 2022 despite admitting it ‘continues to hurt’ queer people – Pink News, November 10th 2020

Church of England could make decision on LGBT+ issues by 2022 – The Independent, November 10th 2020

Church of England to rethink same-sex marriage – The Times, November 10th 2020

Church of England could hold historic vote on gay marriage in 2022 – Telegraph, November 9th 2020

Church of England could rethink stance on LGBTQ+ issues by 2022 – Guardian, November 9th 2020

Church of England leaders apologise for ‘damage and hurt’ to LGBT+ people – Openly, November 9th 2020

Maids Moreton murder: C of E views on homosexuality ‘put victim at risk’ – Guardian, Oct 23rd 2020

Pope Francis backs same-sex civil unions – Guardian, Oct 21st 2020

Pope calls for legal protections for gay couples – Pathos, Oct 21st 2020

UK churches urged to wake up to spiritual abuse of LGBT people – Guardian, Oct 17th, 2020

UK churches to tackle ‘ticking timebomb’ of spiritual abuse against LGBT+ people – Pink News, Oct 17th 2020

Prayer and Praise for Pride – Guernsey Press, Sept 12th 2020

Law Commission suggests sweeping marriage reforms – Church Times, Sep 3rd 2020

“Votre Saintete, je suisse Jayne, une gay anglicane evangelicique d’Oxford” –, July 2020

Christian campaign group welcomes Facebook ban on conversion therapy – Religion & Media Centre, July 15th 2020

Conversion therapy in the UK: Meet the woman leading the fight for a ban– Oxford Mail, July 14th 2020

Trans people were promised change, but instead they face deepening prejudice – Guardian, July 1st 2020


Archbishop of Canterbury says Jesus is ‘quite up to date’ with technology and urges churches to stay closed – The Telegraph, April 9th 2020

‘Most’ Anglicans believe gay couples have right to marry, YouGov poll suggests – The Telegraph, March 1st 2020

Oxford Unfiltered – Jayne Ozanne – Philip Baldwin for OX Magazine, March 2020

General Synod digest: Channel Islands transfer approved – Church Times, February 21st 2020

Christ Church to hold LGBT+ services – Cherwell, February 16th 2020

Living in Love and Faith talks ‘will have an end’ – Church Times, February 14th 2020

Row erupts at General Synod over LGBT rights in the church – Telegraph, February 11th 2020

LGBT-friendly Sacred Oxford to launch at Christ Church Cathedral – Oxford Mail, February 8th 2020

C of E sex guidance row: synod member calls out ‘deep’ hypocrisy– Guardian, February 4th 2020

Views on the Second Estates Commissioner – Letters to Editor, Church Times, January 31st 2020


Bishops break ranks on civil-partnerships – Church Times, January 31st 2020

Church of England ‘sorry’ for saying sex is only for married heterosexuals– Sky News, January 31st 2020

Church of England apologises for saying sex is just for married heterosexuals – Independent, January 31st 2020

Church sorry for saying that sex is just for married heterosexuals – Harriet Sherwood, Guardian, Jan 30th 2020

Church of England bishops break ranks over sex guidance – Harriet Sherwood, Guardian, Jan 28th 2020

Priests and bishops launch scathing attack on Church of England rule that sex is only for straight, married couples – Lily Wakefield, Pink News, Jan 28th 2020

A Laughing Stock: Bishops Distances themselves from Church Guidelines that said Sex was Only for Married Heterosexuals – Sophie Gallagher, Independent, Jan 28th 2020

Bishops join critics of their own civil-partnerships statement – Madeleine Davies, Church Times Jan 27th 2020

‘Laughing stock’: letter from clergy attacks C of E’s guidance on sex – Harriet Sherwood, Guardian Jan 27th 2020

‘Obsessed with sex’: church mocked by bishop over civil partnerships – Nicholas Hellen, Sunday Times Jan 26th 2020

Church of England is a ‘laughing stock’ following civil partnership guidelines, senior religious figures warn Bishops – Gabriella Swerling, Telegraph Jan 25th 2020

Civil partnerships should be ‘sexually abstinent friendships’, says Church of England – Sky News, January 23rd 2020


Prominent Activist meets the Pope– Oxford Mail, November 30th 2019

Meet the British Lesbian fighting gay ‘Conversion Therapy’ with the Gospel – Novena, November 23rd 2019

Pope Francis meets with lesbian activist who backs ban on ‘conversion’ therapy – Life Site, November 15th 2019

Pope shows “concern” for lesbian Christian survivor of gay ‘conversion therapy – Novena, November 15th 2019

Pope is ‘concerned’ over traumatising conversion therapy, evangelical lesbian claims – Pink News, November 14th 2019

Pope hears concerns of gay Christians in meeting with prominent campaigner against ‘conversion therapy’ – The Tablet, November 14th 2019

British bishop rebukes Sydney Anglican leader’s call for gay marriage supporters to leave church – Guardian, October 22nd 2019

Jayne & Penny


On March 17th 2019, Jayne was appointed to the government’s new LGBT Advisory Panel.

As such, she will be working closely with the Secretary of State, the Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt MP (pictured)


Government appoints its first ever national advisor for LGBTQ healthcare – Gay Times, March 17th 2019

Conversion Therapy Ban

‘I still have flashbacks’: the ‘global epidemic’ of LGBT conversion therapy – The Guardian, August 3rd 2018

People who have undergone conversion ‘therapy’ celebrate it being banned – The Indy, July 4th 2018

Oxford activist Jayne Ozanne welcomes conversion therapy ban – Oxford Mail, July 4th 2018

Government proposes ban on the ‘abhorrent’ practice of LGBT conversion therapy – Church Times, July 5th 2018


“Just Love” Book Launch & Reviews

Gay Christians ‘being forced out’ by evangelical churches – Sunday Times, June 10th 2018

Undivided and Just Love: two books on self-acceptance – The Church Times, August 17th 2018

Vicky Beeching and Jayne Ozanne reveal the pain and price of coming out – by Times Critic, Ysenda Maxtone Graham writing for The Tablet, July 11th 2018
Evangelicals being ‘forced out’ of Church of England for being gay – Premier, June 10th 2018

Blossomed (Unashamedly Gay, Unashamedly Christian) – Jayne Ozanne – Fyne Times Pride Issue 2018

“Letters to America – Is the End Nye?” blog

Church of England split on proposal to drop ‘husband and wife’ from US congregation’s marriage services – The Christian Times, May 2nd 2018

Church of England is split over US plan to remove ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ from marriage service to make it more gay-friendly – Daily Mail, May 1st 2018

Church of England split over US plan to remove ‘husband and wife’ from marriage service – The Telegraph, April 30th 2018

Bishop joins 300 Anglicans backing US Church’s plans for gender-neutral wedding service – Christian Today, April 30th 2018

Prominent Bishop And 300 Anglicans Support Gender-Neutral Weddings In US Episcopal Church – The Daily Caller, April 30th 2018



International Women’s Day | 9 Johnians to watch in 2018 – St John’s names Jayne as one of their top 9 women to watch, March 8th 2018

In a nutshell: Jayne Ozanne (1987) on eliminating discrimination in the Church of England – St John’s, Jayne’s Alma Mater, chooses to focus on her work, February 2018


Church has ‘shot itself in the foot’ over trans liturgy – Christian Today, January 25th 2018

Bishops’ bar on official transgender liturgy angers campaigners – Christian Today, January 22nd 2018


Evangelical Christians ‘uncritical’ in support for Trump, UK bishop says – The Guardian (who broke the story), December 28th 2017

Bishop of Liverpool criticises Christian Trump supporters – BBC News (featured on the Radio 4 Today Programme News at 0800), December 28th 2017.

Senior CofE bishop to front campaign for LGBT inclusion – Christian Today, December 28th 2017

“Evangelical support for Trump is not justified, says Bishop of Liverpool” – Church Times, December 28th 2017

Church of England bishop hits out at Trump-backing evangelicals as he calls for LGBT-inclusive Christianity – Pink News, December 28th 2017

Bishop of Liverpool hits out at Christians who support Donald Trump – Express, December 28th 2017
Bishop of Liverpool criticises Christians who support Trump – Premier, December 28th 2017

Bishop hits out at faith leaders who ‘build walls not bridges’ – Church of England Newspaper, January 4th 2018


“About time” – Bishop of Liverpool praised for slamming Christian Trump supporters – Liverpool Echo

Charity aims to find religious acceptance of all LGBTI people – Guernsey Press, January 3rd 2018

Jayne Ozanne sets up Ozanne Foundation to combat LGBT stigma in religious groups – Oxford Mail / Oxford Times January 4th 2018


British bishop says US evangelicals are ‘uncritically accepting’ of Trump – CNN

A top Church of England bishop scolds U.S. evangelicals for ‘uncritical’ support of Trump – Washington Post

British Bishop Criticizes Evangelicals who support for Trump – Metro Weekly

UK bishop: US evangelicals ‘uncritically accepting’ of positions taken by Trump – The Hill

US Evangelical Christians ‘Uncritically Accepting’ Of Donald Trump, Bishop Of Liverpool Says – Huffington Post

Christian voters’ Trump support isn’t ‘justifiable’, British Bishop says – Newsweek

UK Bishop speaks out about American Christians who support Trump – Western Journal


exposed as Sarah Mullally is first woman named as Bishop of London – The Times, December 19th 2017

Sarah Mullally appointed Bishop of London – The Guardian, December 18th 2017

Favorite for the new Bishop of London backed church thanksgiving services for same-sex couples – Christian Today, December 15th 2017


Letter to Editors – The Times, December 14th 2017 (in response to Revd William Taylor’s desire to grill his new bishop)

25354152_2194910300736350_2893740187419952613_n (2)

Letter to Editors – The Guardian, December 2nd 2017 (in response to Tim Farron’s lecture)

Letter to Editors – The Times, November 15th 2017



Letter to Editor (scroll down) – Church Times, November 24th 2017

Assault and abuse are rife in the Church of England, women say – Church Times, November 11th 2017

I was raped by a CofE priest and I know the system’s broken – article for Christian Today, November 6th 2017

Archbishops urged to host debate on sexual harassment after rape claims against priest – Christian Today, November 6th 2017

Church of England must tackle sexual abuse and harassment in its own ranks (letter by Jayne Ozanne) – Guardian Letters, November 1st 2017

Church of England urged to tackle sexual abuse within its ranks – Guardian, November 1st 2017

Church of England urged to face up to sexual harassment in its own ranks – Christian Today, November 1st 2017


Church of England to consider same-sex blessing services – Pink News, October 20th 2017

Church of England to discuss same-sex blessing – BBC News, October 20th, 2017

BBC Radio Manchester show wins Jerusalem Award – Prolific North, October 13th, 2017

The reported death of the ‘White Widow’ and her 12-year-old son should make us face the fact that religion can be child abuse – Independent, October 12th 2017


Parliament under pressure over Anglican Church’s actions on homophobia – Christian Today, October 11th 2017


Thinking Anglicans – September 26th 2017

Scottish Anglican church faces sanctions over vote to allow same-sex marriage – The Guardian, September 27th 2017

Scottish church faces ‘consequences’ over vote to allow same-sex marriage – The Telegraph, September 27th 2017

“No Going Back on Gay Rights” – Church of England Newspaper, September 28th 2017

‘Consequences’ for Scottish Episcopal Church in the offing when Primates meet, after gay marriage vote – Church Times, September 28th 2017

Head of Scottish Anglicans to confront fellow primates over Gay Marriage Vote – The Guardian, September 30th 2017

Scottish Anglicans must face harsher punishment for allowing gay marriage, say conservatives – Christian Today, September 28th 2017


To sign or not: Nashville Statement on sexuality debate intensifies – Church Times, September 8th 2017


Nashville statement on sexuality prompts response from LGBT-supporting Christians – Church Times, September 1st 2017

‘We are all made in the image of God’: Church leaders join forces to denounce Nashville Statement – Christian Today, August 31st 2017


Religion, gender segregation and sex education in schools – The Guardian, July 12th 2017

Faith leaders say sex education must be LGBT-inclusive – Pink News, July 12th 2017


Bishop: ‘Why I opposed the conversion therapy vote – Church of England Newspaper, September 28th 2017

Synod votes signal a shift in power, campaigners say – Church Times, July 13th 2017

‘People can’t alter their desire’ Church bosses call for ban on gay conversion therapy – Express, July 18th 2017

Oxford Christian Jayne Ozanne ‘thrilled’ by Church’s bid to ban gay conversion therapy – Oxford Times, July 11th 2017

Church of England votes to ‘welcome and affirm’ trans people – Pink News, July 10th 2017

Church of England Synod backs transgender services – The Times, July 9th 2017

Church of England demands ban on ‘gay cure’ therapy – Pink News, July 9th 2017

Church of England demands ban on Conversion Therapy – The Guardian, July 8th 2017

Church of England bishops back motion urging ban on gay conversion therapy – Daily Mail, July 8th 2017

Church of England bishops back motion calling for a ban on “unethical” gay conversion therapy – Independent, July 8th 2017

Church of England: Plea for ‘urgency’ on new sexuality policy – BBC News, July 8th 2017

C of E urged to oppose “spiritual abuse” of gay Christians conversion therapy – AOL, July 8th 2017

Church of England’s General Synod condemns gay “conversion therapy” – Christian Today, July 8th 2017

During Pride in London, Synod in York calls for ban on conversion therapy – Church Times, July 8th 2017

Church of England activist from Oxford calls for condemnation of ‘horrific’ conversion therapy – Oxford Times, July 5th 2017

It’s not a disorder: Church of England urged to condemn gay “conversion therapy” – Sunday Times, July 2nd 2017

Church looks set to condemn “gay cures” as Archbishops say sexuality report will not appear until 2020 – The Telegraph, June 23rd 2017

Church of England to debate condemning gay conversion therapy – Pink News, May 26th 2017


Gay activist claims she was spiritually abused by evangelical churches – The Guardian, June 23rd 2017

Gay church activist calls for an end to “spiritual abuse” – The Times, June 23rd 2017

Gay Christian urges Church of England to end “spiritual abuse” and “conversion therapy” – Gay Times, June 23rd 2017

Gay Christian activist calls for an end to “spiritual abuse” and “conversion therapy” – Christian Today, June 22nd 2017


Scottish Episcopal Church Amends Denomination Law to Include Same Sex Marriages – Christianity Daily, June 14th 2017

Victoria Derbyshire Programme, BBC2 – Jayne discusses the Scottish Episcopal Church’s decision to allow same-sex marriage with Susie Leafe, Director of Reform (aired June 8th 2017)

Scottish Episcopal Church votes to allow Same-Sex Weddings – The Guardian, June 8th 2017


Church of England in turmoil as synod rejects report on same-sex relationships – The Guardian, February 15th 2017

Church takes step towards gay marriage after vote rejects controversial report – Telegraph, February 15th 2017

Church of England one step closer to gay marriages in church: Vote against bishops’ report that supported ban is hailed as a victory by liberal clergy – Daily Mail, February 16th 2017

General Synod rejects bishops’ sexuality report – Premier, February 15th 2017

Clergy consign bishops’ report to the bin – Church Times, February 24th 2017

Sex and marriage dominate questions – Church Times, February 24th 2017

RETIRED BISHOPS’ LETTER (organised by Jayne Ozanne)

Church Faces New Split over Attitude to Gay Relationships– The Observer, February 11th 2017

Church of England accused of ignoring ‘authentic’ voice of LGBT people – ITV News, February 11th 2017

Church of England “not listening to Gay Christians”, say retired bishops – BBC News, February 12th 2017

“They feel betrayed” – retired bishops have criticised the Church for not listening to gay people – The Sun, February 12th 2017

Anglicans braced for new clashes over gay marriage in church – Telegraph, February 11th 2017

Church faces gay marriage defeat – The Times, February 13th 2017

Church’s Gay Marriage Stance Challenged By Retired Bishops – Christian Today, February 12th 2017

Church of England’s homosexuality guidance criticised by retired bishops – Daily Mail, February 12th 2017

Church facing new battle over attitude to LGBT members ahead of General Synod – Independent, February 12th 2017

Former bishops slam Church of England’s stance on homosexuality – Evening Standard, February 12th 2017

Retired bishops take their successors to task over sexuality report – Church Times, February 13th 2017


Hackles rise during pre-Synod maneuvering – Church Times, February 17th 2017

Open letters fly as Synod is torn by human sexuality row – Church of England Newspaper, February 16th 2017


C of E bishops refuse to change stance on gay marriage – The Guardian, January 27th 2017

Critics call Bishops’ gay report ungodly – Church Times, February 3rd 2017

Church of England has ‘much to repent’ to LGBT community – ITV News, January 31st 2017

Same-sex marriage: Church of England ‘should not change stance’ – BBC News, January 27th 2017


LGBT groups ‘miss church welcome’ – Church Times, October 28th 2016

Public don’t believe the Church offers a welcome to all in society – Church of England Newspaper, October 27th 2016

New Poll: Are Churches Welcoming Towards LGBT People? – Christian Today, October 27th 2016

Christianity seen as unwelcoming for LGBT people, poll confirms – Pink News, October 27th 2016

Are Churches Welcoming towards LGBT People? – Thinking Anglicans, October 27th 2016


Bishops’ group lacks gay voices, say activists – Church Times, September 23rd 2016

Church liberals’ anger over ‘traditionalist dominated’ bishops’ gay marriage panel – Telegraph, September 18th 2016

Anglicans divided over new bishops’ group on homosexuality – Christian Today, September 19th 2016

Church of England sets up group to discuss LGBT rights, doesn’t invite anyone pro-LGBT – Pink News, September 19th 2016


Church of England synod members call for ‘greater clarity’ around status of LGBT people – Christian Today, September 8th 2016

Pro-gay letters sent to College of Bishops – Church Times, September 9th 2016

Fresh pressure on College of Bishops to be more welcoming – Church of England Newspaper, September 8th 2016

General Synod members write to College of Bishops – Thinking Anglicans, September 8th 2016

Church of England bishops urged to ‘unequivocally’ welcome all LGBT Christians – Pink News, September 8th 2016


Reflecting on the Shared Conversations, parts 1 and 2 – Church of England Newspaper, July 21st 2016

Synod members thanked for staying on to talk about differences – Church Times, July 15th 2016

Evangelicals in listening mode (book review by Adrian Thatcher) – July 15th 2016

C of E hardliners to boycott synod talks on same-sex relationships – The Guardian, July 9th 2016

Shared Conversations: Can the Church of England prevent a split over gay marriage?, Christian Today, July 5th 2016

Synod’s sexuality conversations “going to be risky” – Premier, February 15th 2016

‘Good disagreement’ breaks out at CEEC meeting – Church Times, March 6th 2015

Church of England to begin sexuality “conversations” – Christian Today, February 14th 2015


Books of the Year – Church Times, December 2016

Top Ten Religious Books – Church Times, August 6th 2016

Evangelicals in listening mode (book review by Adrian Thatcher) – July 15th 2016

Beware losing a generation on gay issue, Synod told – Church Times, June 24th 2016

Senior bishop calls for change in C of E attitudes towards gays – Guardian, June 16th 2016

Leading evangelical bishops call for Church to change on gays – Christian Today, June 16th 2016

Two Bishops Urge Clerics to Rethink ‘Interpretations’ of the Bible that Condemn Homosexuality – Telegraph, June 17th 2016

Church ‘Must Give a Hearing to Evangelical Journeys of Acceptance for Same-Sex Relationships – Diocese of Liverpool Press Statement, June 16th 2016

Bishops Call for Church to Change on Gays – Thinking Anglicans, June 16th 2016

Church Must Welcome Gay Christians says C of E Bishop – Press Reader, June 17th 2016


Church of England members back same-sex marriage – The Guardian, January 29th 2016

Anglicans ‘more likely to back gay marriage than oppose it’ – Telegraph, January 29th 2016

Support for same-sex marriage grows among CofE laity – Christian Today, January 29th 2016

New polls shows more Anglicans back gay marriage – Daily Mail, January 30th 2017

More Anglicans now back gay marriage than oppose it, poll suggests – BBC News, January 30th 2016

More Anglicans support gay marriage than oppose it, poll claims – Independent, January 30th 2016

Gay Marriage Support From Christians In The Church Of England Is Now Outstripping Opposition, New Poll Reveals – Huffington Post, January 30th 2016

Church of England ‘out of touch’ with own members on equal marriage – Pink News, January 30th 2016

More Anglicans “back gay marriage than oppose it” – Metro, January 31st 2016


Full details of the extensive world-wide media coverage of the letter signed by 100+ Anglican leaders to the Archbishops calling for an apology to the LGBT community, and the coverage of the Archbishops’ response and formal apology can be found here.


The Christian Post interview – Samuel Smith, February 11th 2015

Sunday Times Interview (after my “Coming Out”) – Josh Glancy, February 8th 2015

Washington Post and Huffington Post – Trevor Grundy, February 3rd 2015

Independent article – Adam Lusher, February 2nd 2015

Christian Today “Coming Out” Interview – Ruth Gledhill, February 2nd 2015