General Synod – Report on the Business Committee – speech on the need for a proper debate how to safeguard LGBT+ people during the LLF process, November 23rd 2020

Facts, Figures & the Future of LGBTI Inclusion – speech for the Creating Sanctuary Conference with Steve Chalke, Oct 17th 2020

The Perfect Storm – Shame & Sexuality – speech for the Transforming Shame conference, Oct 15th 2020

Eden – Where It All Went Wrong, Theologically – sermon for the University of St Andrew’s, Oct 11th 2020

Perfectly Imperfect – sermon for Sacred at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford on Sept 20th 2020

Guernsey Pride – sermon for the Town Church Prayer & Praise Pride Service, Sept 12th 2020

Opposition speech to “This House Believes There is No Place for Religion in Public Life” – Oxford Union, February 27th 2020 (which we comfortably won by 180 votes to 80!)

Sacred – Safe, Inclusive, Evangelical Worship from Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford. Jayne’s sermon at the launch of a new monthly inclusive evangelical service, Sacred, on Feb 23rd 2020

Love, Sex and Power – William Temple Association, Bournemouth, Feb 3rd 2020


The Story of the Biblical Scholar – “Led By the Spirit”, High Wycombe, July 14th 2019

Inclusion Amendment, Setting God’s People Free debate – General Synod, July 9th 2019

Love at Any Cost – Church of the Holy Spirit, Clapham, June 16th 2019

Easter 2019 – The Law of Love

The Gospel of Christ is a story of love, unconditional and sacrificial, which was a constant source of tension between Jesus and the Teachers of the Law.

Our journey through Holy Week will look at how Jesus unpacks this “new commandment” to love in some of his last words to his disciples (John 15-17) ahead of his impending death.  As always, his teachings are profound and personal, and are relevant to us both as individuals and as a body, the Church.  They manifest in eight differing but intensely human ways, which we will unpack together, and so understand more fully the nature of a “Law of Love”.

New Commandment (Part 1) – Chosen (John 15: 9 – 17) – St Margaret’s, Oxford on Palm Sunday, April 14th 2019

New Commandment (Part 2) – Cultivated (John 15: 1 – 8) – St Margaret’s, Oxford on April 15th 2019

New Commandment (Part 3) – Cursed (John 15: 18 – 25) – St Margaret’s, Oxford on April 16th 2019

New Commandment (Part 4) – Comforted (John 15: 26 – 16: 11) – St Margaret’s, Oxford on April 17th 2019

New Commandment (Part 5) – Confided (John 16: 12 – 15) – St Margaret’s, Oxford on April 18th 2019

New Commandment (Part 6) -Confused (John 16: 16 – 28) – St Margaret’s Oxford on Good Friday, April 19th 2019

New Commandment (Part 7) – Challenged (John 16: 28 – 33) – St Margaret’s Oxford, Service of Light, April 20th 2019

New Commandment (Part 8) – Consummated (John 17) – St Margaret’s Oxford, on Easter Day, April 21st 2019

Paradoxes & Prosperity Gospels – Littlemore Church, March 24th 2019

Faith & Sexuality – A Safeguarding Crisis – University of Oxford 10th Anniversary LGBT Lecture, February 28th 2019 (available to watch on Podcast)

OU speech
Who Am I? – Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford February 3rd 2019


A Call to Just Love – Wells Cathedral, September 22nd 2018

Just Love & Righteous Anger – Leicester Pride Eucharist, September 2nd 2018

Just Loving – San Diego Cathedral, July 15th 2018

Just Love – St Mary’s University Church, Oxford June 3rd 2018

Elephants – Anglican Communion Links Speech – General Synod, February 9th 2018

Leviathan – Report on the Business Committee Speech – General Synod, February 8th 2018

Working for the Right to Just Love in the Church of England – Wadham College, Oxford, February 4th 2018


Is the Church Trustworthy? – Oriel College, Oxford, November 19th 2017

In Pursuit of Happiness – New College, Oxford, October 15th 2017

A Church For All? – Prague Pride, August 8th 2017

A Call to Condemn Conversion Therapy – Private Members Motion Speech, General Synod, July 8th 2017

Code of Conduct – Report on the Business Committee Speech – General Synod, July 7th 2017

A Deeper Truth – Magdalen College, Oxford, May 14th 2017

Spiritual Abuse: The Next Great Scandal for the Church – Royal College of Psychiatrists, April 21st 2017

Take Note Debate Speech – General Synod debate on the House of Bishop’s Report on Same Sex Marriage, February 15th 2017

Trust – Report on the Business Committee Speech – General Synod, February 13th 2017


Harems, Hangmen and Heroines – St John’s College, Cambridge May 15th 2016

Changing Attitude, Ireland (video 1 of 9) – Special Meeting at the Church of Ireland’s General Synod, Friday May 13th 2016

The Importance of Being – Merton College, Oxford May 8th 2016

What’s New about..Faith and Sexuality – 2016 Lent Address to St Mary’s, Warwick, February 21st 2016


In Defense of Marriage – Oxford Union Debate, November 26th 2015 (against Germain Greer, where we won!  Full transcript)

Report on Business Committee Speech – General Synod, November 24th 2015

Drawing the Line – Inn or Cottage – Jesus College, Oxford November 15th 2015 (just after the Paris attacks)